Manuel Gros is an outdoor & travel photographer with a passion for landscape and portrait photography.
Born and raised in Germany, he worked several years in the corporate world. In 2015 he decided to change his life drastically. Manuel quit his job and left his home to pursue his one passion: Photography.
Ever since he’s traveling the world full-time. His camera in his hand he is constantly searching for unique scenes and location, for the best light and this one breathtaking moment.
He finds these in the dramatic landscapes of the most beautiful locations in the world but also in the single look of a stranger.

Always looking for the new and unknown he traveled over 30 countries already. His personal view of the world let him capture images which fascinate their viewers and tell stories about places far away. Stories about the wild beauty of nature and other ways of life.
Stories about this beautiful world, we call home.

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Artist Statement

On my journey I am constantly drawn to the new, to unknown cultures and remote places, to all the white spots on the map in my mind, hoping to fill them with color and comprehension.
All the while photography is my motivation. It’s the engine that drives me to push further, get in a little closer, search for unique locations and put in what it takes to get there. Photography enables me to see the world in my very own way and persuades me to stay attentive at all times. For life is full of beauty, full of moments that are special and precious. Some are easy to recognize, like the first sunlight over a calm sea setting the horizon on fire. But how about the smaller moments, the more subtle ones. The smile of a stranger amongst the faces of an angry crowd or a single ray of light making the leaves on a tree glow just for a few seconds. How fast do these situations past without us even recognizing, because the rest of the world is too loud?
When I look through my camera though, the world around me falls silent. I can block out everything bothering and concentrate only on
what´s important to me. I assess what surrounds me, what has meaning, what distracts and what is worth to be looked at. This way I try to find the exceptional moments in daily life. Unique, fleeting moments at the time, that once I press the shutter and capture them, become lasting ones.
I create something I can share with the world. And when I get it right, I can take people back to that very moment. Even more. I can let them look through my eyes, show them my view of the world and thereby also a small part of who I am.


The camera gave me something unbelievably valuable. A way to express myself and to give a voice to my creativity.
When you look at my works I hope that they will tell you their stories, take you to remote corners of the world, show you what beauty is waiting there and that it’s always worth to search for it. No matter if you do it with hiking boots and a backpack or in a conversion with a stranger. Through my work, I want to show options to the people, who are looking for a way to express themselves.
And most of all I hope that they encourage people to leave there comfort zone and go into the unknown. Because it’s worth it. Always!